Who We Are

Mission: Fostering positive community change through positive citizen action.

GMKnow is a group of citizens whose work is to empower people for local food sovereignty and healthy food choices. We work our magic through community outreach and education. Currently, our focus is to inform our fellow citizens that GMOs are being grown on our public lands and engaging one and all in the fight to ban genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from Boulder County Public Open Space.

Please join us in this very important work. We welcome every citizen who believes that it is our sovereign right to define how our public lands are managed and used!

A major contribution to this goal has been the creation of “The Citizen’s Cropland Policy”, a major collaborative effort by a number of Boulder County resident professionals in the area of agricultural policy, farming, chemistry, economics, food science, public health, human health, local food systems and many more.

To read and endorse “The Citizens Cropland Policy” click here

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