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To read and endorse “The Citizens Cropland Policy” click here

Since 2001, Boulder County has been allowing farmers leasing Open Space land to plant GMO corn.  Most Boulder County residents, when provided with this information, are shocked and appalled that our county government has allowed GMOs to be grown on publicly owned land in the “Organic Capital of the United States” for the past ten years.

We have a Parks and Open Space staff, funded through public tax dollars, a group of 70 farmers (who lease public land purchased with these same tax dollars), and three County Commissioners defining a policy that goes directly against everything we stand for as a community. That is less than 100 people dictating what happens to a public asset of almost 300,000 citizens.

The Open Space Cropland Management Policy is in review and has been re-written by the Cropland Policy Advisory Group (CPAG) and Parks and Open Space Staff (POS). Through this process, both CPAG and POS have received hundreds of documents from concerned citizens regarding the dangers and risks of GMOs. Thousands of hours have been invested in an attempt to provide the necessary data and scientific studies needed to support a ban on GMOs. Thousands of citizens have shown up at planning meetings, open forums and public events to communicate their concern for and opposition to the existing policy and their support for a ban on GMOs on public land. ALL of it has been ignored!

The Cropland Management Policy, which has been re-written by POS and CPAG, recommends the continued planting and growing of GMOs on Open Space Land with the option to introduce new varieties of GMOs as they become available on the market!

But, we still have an opportunity to convince the decision makers that we, the citizens of Boulder County will not allow GMOs to be grown on our public land!

Sometime towards the end of this year, our three County Commissioners will be making a decision on whether or not to adopt this re-written policy.

And, as we have no opportunity to vote on this issue (our county government structure does not allow this) the only way we can stop GMOs being grown on public land is to convince our Commissioners to support a Cropland Management Policy that prohibits the planting & growing of GMOs on Public Open Space Land.

We have little time to act!  Our Commissioners will be reviewing the policy written and recommended by POS and CPAG and advisory groups for their recommendations as well.  We all need to be engaged now in order to stop this travesty from being perpetuated into our future! Commit to showing up to the Commissioners Public meeting on December 8th. Go to our Key Dates page for details.

Read and endorse “The Citizens Cropland Policy” to tell our Commissioners how we DO want our public Agricultural lands managed. (click here)

Please Take Action and learn what you can do to ensure that our county lands are GMO Free.

Thank you for joining with other concerned and activated citizens in the fight to guarantee that the future of Boulder County Open Space is free from GMO contamination, that the use and management of this commonly held asset reflects the will of the people of Boulder County and that the stewardship of these lands preserves their capacity for our future generations.

4 thoughts on “The Issue

  1. just reading about you on Food Integrity Now website.
    This looks very good here, love that you publish your work!~ Can help so many other communities!! Was looking for you on Facebook or for an rss feed to my email so I could keep up on your progress.

  2. Hello Shar,

    We are glad you found us! You can link to our facebook page at GMKnowBoulder. Link directly from our Take Action page. Love to hear more about your interest in what we are doing here in Boulder. Please feel free to email us directly at

  3. It is probably time to update The Issue on the website, since the decision has passed.
    I’m writing an article on GMOs for the Colorado Gardener and I’m giving this website and Jeffrey’s etc for additional information.
    PS I see no sense of defeat in our group

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