In Boulder County, Coexistence Costs $100,000.00 dollars.

There’s this concept that’s been created and foisted upon the agricultural community, and public at-large, called coexistence. Before chemical-industrial agriculture and GMOs broke onto the scene, coexistence mostly meant you’d have endure an occasional waft of manure from upwind or someone driving their tractor over your dog or cat, but it NEVER meant one was to suffer financial damages through farm practice or someone else’s actions.

However, in the day and age of genetically-modified crops that can be directly sprayed and sprayed and sprayed again with powerful pesticides and NOT die, there is a very real risk that other plants NOT ENGINEERED TO WITHSTAND BEING POISONED might, by accident, come under assault. Such was the case right here in the organic capital of the world, Boulder County, which happens to have a very sticky-gooey GMO center called Boulder County Open Space.

County Open Space personnel, under the direction of Farm Czar Ron Stewart, has what they call a “Good Neighbor Policy.” You can read the policy here. It outlines a very limited role played by the County. It urges communications, which are important, but when industrial chemicals and GMOs are in-play, no amount of communications can defend against nor thwart the forces of nature and prevent chemical pesticide drift. At the heart of the matter, an organic farm family has directly suffered in excess of a $100,000.00 dollars loss due to another farmer spraying pesticide on their crops which happen to be directly adjacent to the organic operation. Mind you, the pesticide was freaking sprayed via a crop duster airplane. How anybody can expect drift NOT TO OCCUR when a pilot is laying down a cloud of chemicals going 100 MPH…It’s insane to expect otherwise. It happened and an entire crop was contaminated and killed. When County & state ag officials refuse to make things right, what’s a farm family to do? Well, from my standpoint, my good neighbor policy means that all us Boulder County neighbors gotta turn out and protect organic farming under GMO assault. We need to have the county make them whole as soon as possible. Let the Good Neighbor games begin! Let’s hold these people to account for their GMO coexistence nonsense. My musings for today. Scott Smith