Boulder County Revisits Open Space GMO Policy Feb 29, 2016

In 2011, The County began the process of reviewing and rewriting the Parks and Open Space Agricultural Land Cropland Policy. That policy included a provision allowing Open Space leasee farmers to plant GMO corn and GMO sugar beets on publicly-owned lands in spite of strong public opposition. The GMO provision is being reviewed for renewal. Maybe this time around they’ll actually listen to “We the People.” But we have to show up if we want to be heard. And we have to participate if we expect our government to be “of, by and for the People,” and our public lands to be utilized for the benefit of all.

Attend the Feb. 29 Public Hearing on the Use of GMO Crops on County Open Space Lands!

What: Public hearing to consider ending the use of genetically engineered crops on Boulder County Parks and Open Space agricultural lands
When: Monday, February 29, 1 p.m. (afternoon session 1 p.m. – 5 p.m., evening session 6 p.m. – close)
Where:  The Plaza Event Center, 1850 Industrial Circle, Longmont, CO (behind the Best Western Plus Plaza Hotel - map)

Five years ago, the Boulder County Parks and Open Space (POS) Cropland Policy approved, with specific protocols, the use of glyphosate-resistant corn and sugar beets on agricultural lands leased by farmers from Boulder County.

That approval expires at the end of this year.

February 29: Attend the public hearing on the planting of GMO crops on Boulder County Open Space Lands! 

Written comments need to be submitted by 2 p.m. on Friday, February 26. Use the Public Comment form here. To learn more about the issues, click here.

The Boulder County POS Cropland Policy encompasses only 16,000 acres of agricultural lands. But regardless of the amount of acreage affected, Boulder County should promote innovative, regenerative agricultural methods, not conventional chemical and genetically engineered cropping systems.

Ending the approval of GMO corn and sugar beets on county open space lands would be a step towards a more regenerative, local food system for Boulder County.

Five years ago this issue was one of the most divisive the County had ever encountered. Your County Commissioners need to hear from you! 

February 29: Attend the public hearing on the planting of GMO crops on Boulder County Open Space Lands! In order to avoid speaking late in the evening, advance online sign-ups are encouraged.

If you can’t attend the hearing, submit your written comment here by 2 p.m. on Friday, February 26. We’ve provided some talking points and resources here to help you write your comments.



The Benefits of GM Crops: the studies PILE up…

Just posted this on the Monsantoblog…in response to their unctuous claim: “The Benefits of GM crops: the studies pile up” (No doubt it will be moderated out of existence on their site….but can be found here for your reading pleasure:

Ah, yes! The chorus of the special interest biotech investor shills, and those whose livelihood is garnered playing a compliant role in the GMO supply, chirp their genetically modified chirps, in unison, as only that can be mustered when so much money and egoism is on the line.

Indeed, the studies pile up, like so much manure, courtesy of institutional corruption and scientific myopia that claims 100% GMO virtue while ignoring the fact that not a SINGLE clinical human health study has ever been published proving GMO food is fit for its intended use.

Sure, benefits galore for the 1% of farmers and 99% of Monsanto shareholders while the 99% of the world’s eaters are being proffered mutant soy, sugar, corn, canola and cotton, festering with pesticides in every cell. Pile, pile and pile more into the consumer food chain, GMOs aplenty helping to pile-up more medical bills while people unknowingly consume this vile fair, to their detriment and health despair.

Three cheers for biotech propaganda! May your PR magic wear off like the effects of your pesticides at dispatching all the pests.

New Scientific Research: Bioelectric Magnetism Organic (BMO) Crop Production

The day has arrived where industrial agriculture and GMO (genetically manipulated organisms) have been rendered obsolete. Yes, there is no need for patented seeds, pesticides and onerous costs for inputs and damage to the planet. The fact is that they were never needed. In their place, we introduce a nurturing and healthful way to produce food that heals us, the food and the planet all at the same time. Please welcome the concept of “bioelectric magnetism” into  your reality. Our good friends Dr. Vijay & Indira Gupta were kind enough to share their efforts with us so that we may share them with our friends.

Here is the paper: Bioelectric Magnetism Abstract: healthy minds, food, people and planet.

We want to do a pilot here in Boulder. What better place, yes? Here, we like think of ourselves as organic-minded yet in our very midst we have a chemically-infused and genetically engineered gooey center. That gooey center is County Open Space croplands planted with GMOs. We want everyone to embrace this new science so everyone can reap the rewards: increased yield, nutritionally-dense food, no chemical or patented inputs, healthy soil, water and people all in a single integrated scientifically-proven process.


Scott Smith






Easter Day Fracking Play At Unity of Boulder

There’s an Easter FRACKING Play in Boulder!

The minister at Unity of Boulder, Jack Groverland, is inviting all of us (us and all our friends) to their Easter play which Jack directed, which is about (and against) fracking!

It is 1 hour 10 minutes long and they will be performing it 3 times on Sunday April 9: 9 am, 10:45 pm, and 12:30 pm.

You can pick up tickets in their lobby from 9 to 4 during the week this week (they are at the northwest corner of Valmont and Folsom in Boulder) or call Unity to reserve tickets. They want everyone to be able to get a seat. It’s free, but/and they really welcome donations.

In Boulder County, Coexistence Costs $100,000.00 dollars.

There’s this concept that’s been created and foisted upon the agricultural community, and public at-large, called coexistence. Before chemical-industrial agriculture and GMOs broke onto the scene, coexistence mostly meant you’d have endure an occasional waft of manure from upwind or someone driving their tractor over your dog or cat, but it NEVER meant one was to suffer financial damages through farm practice or someone else’s actions.

However, in the day and age of genetically-modified crops that can be directly sprayed and sprayed and sprayed again with powerful pesticides and NOT die, there is a very real risk that other plants NOT ENGINEERED TO WITHSTAND BEING POISONED might, by accident, come under assault. Such was the case right here in the organic capital of the world, Boulder County, which happens to have a very sticky-gooey GMO center called Boulder County Open Space.

County Open Space personnel, under the direction of Farm Czar Ron Stewart, has what they call a “Good Neighbor Policy.” You can read the policy here. It outlines a very limited role played by the County. It urges communications, which are important, but when industrial chemicals and GMOs are in-play, no amount of communications can defend against nor thwart the forces of nature and prevent chemical pesticide drift. At the heart of the matter, an organic farm family has directly suffered in excess of a $100,000.00 dollars loss due to another farmer spraying pesticide on their crops which happen to be directly adjacent to the organic operation. Mind you, the pesticide was freaking sprayed via a crop duster airplane. How anybody can expect drift NOT TO OCCUR when a pilot is laying down a cloud of chemicals going 100 MPH…It’s insane to expect otherwise. It happened and an entire crop was contaminated and killed. When County & state ag officials refuse to make things right, what’s a farm family to do? Well, from my standpoint, my good neighbor policy means that all us Boulder County neighbors gotta turn out and protect organic farming under GMO assault. We need to have the county make them whole as soon as possible. Let the Good Neighbor games begin! Let’s hold these people to account for their GMO coexistence nonsense. My musings for today. Scott Smith

Occupy Monsanto

What Can WE Do To Stop the Spread of Genetically Modified Crops and Organisms?

This Friday, March 16th from 7 to 9pm at the Boulder Unity Church – What’s Next For GMOs on County Open Space Land – A Panel Discussion and Open Forum on confronting the continued planting of GMOs. Join the discussion about what WE can do to stop the spread of these poisons in our community!

Panelists include:

Scott Smith, GM Know
Garry Sanfracon, candidate for Boulder County Commissioner
Mary Mulry, PhD, expert on GMO crops and products
Steve Demos, founder of Silk Milk, Whitewave and GoodBelly Organic Foods
Mary Vonbreck, GMO Free Boulder

And YOU!

Occupy Boulder and Occupy CU are sponsoring this panel discussion at Boulder Unity Church which is located at the corner of Folsom and Valmont. Doors open at 6:45. Panel discussion to begin shortly afterwards. Open mic to follow. Voice your opinion, learn what YOU can do! Be part of the SOLUTION!

For more information contact:

Occupy Boulder at or on facebook or contact Lee Buchsbaum at

Democracy conquers GMOs and other stuff that sucks…

After experiencing our Boulder County Commissioners ruling in favor of doubling GMOs (genetically manipulated organisms) on county open space cropland, calling it a middle-of-the-road decision, I’m still trying to figure out what road the public has been left in the middle of. Because now that we’ve got exactly 100% more GMOs coming at us courtesy of our own publicly-owned lands, I’d like to get the hell out out of the middle of THAT road and find a more direct route to reclaiming our natural rights to health, safety and welfare in OUR COMMUNITY.

To say I’m displeased with the GMO decision is true. Am I surprised they did what they did? No. The feckless apparatchik will always do what it does: they are tiny cogs inside the cast iron machine, efficiently, prescriptively without thinking, churning to keep the system running. Citizens “asking” that their lands be stewarded differently isn’t part of the machine function. The machine’s inertial forces changing direction would cause internal stresses and the machine would fly apart. Citizens are the machine’s fuel. We are only to be seen and not heard. In fact, when we speak up we are like those annoying pinging noises that the machine operators don’t like to hear. It reminds them of their dependency on externalities, those elements over which, in reality, they have no real power or control.

We live under the illusion of democracy. We’re told all the time we have freedom for this and that. We live in America, dammit. We’re #1 blah blah. In reality, we live in a corporatocracy. If you’ve heard about “corporate personhood” and that money is the corporations way of exercising free speech, this is only part of the madness. At its core, the law of the land today means that citizens rights are subjugated to those of the corporations. It’s why we have unlabeled GMOs because corporations don’t have to prove what they’re selling is safe. We, as consumers, must prove that the products are unsafe. Regulatory agencies exist to regulate the amount of harm that can be done and they do this by setting standards, which are literally measured in terms of “ACCEPTABLE RISKs.” It’s not you or me saying what we regard as risky or not, but agencies like the EPA, USDA, FDA et al who mandate what level of toxins we’re able to endure. These “ACCEPTABLE RISKS” are measured in parts per million or billion. The craziness of this system means that by a mere 1 part per million in the wrong direction and SUDDENLY we go from ACCEPTABLE RISK TO “UNACCEPTABLE RISK” and now, as if by magic, a once benign situation is now a hazard to our health. Go figure. This is how the corporate machine operates. As a sovereign citizen, or unit of fuel in machine-speak, I refuse to participate in their corrupt system that denies the public their right to clean air, water and soil in their own community. The more people embrace their RIGHTS the sooner that the machine’s gears stop meshing and we can stop IT and its destructive path. My gluten-free rumination for today. Bon Appetite. With love and freedom for all, Scott Smith.

Boulder County: Gateway to GMorganic Coexistence. “Come on, let’s comingle”

To me, today was no surprise. The three commissioners each talked for 30 minutes. It was a rather pedestrian stroll through all the reasons why they should continue doing the same thing as they’ve been doing. We got Will Toor’s quasi-scientific evaluation, “as a physicist no less,” and reading of all the information found there was nothing credible to dissuade him saying no to GMOs. Cindy Domenico spoke about growing up on a farm and how important this was in helping form her opinion. Ben Pearlman kind of fit comfortably in-between the two, with all of them claiming the decision was “Middle of the road and gave consideration to all parties involved.” From a citizen’s perspective, I think a rather large constituency was left out of the consideration, but we can address this through our on-going public conversation.

We’re going to have a press conference in the next day or so where we chart our coexistence path going forward. To me, I’m very excited. Now that we’ve got 100% more GMOs to be planted on open space, there’s a lot more to talk about to the public. Bonn appetite! And don’t eat any GMOs (3Cs & 2Ss: Corn, Canola, Cotton Seed & Sugar (from Beets–look for 100% cane sugar) and SOY.

Welcome to Boulder’s New World Order: GMOrganics?

Today we’ll all find out what our County Commissioners have in store for Boulder County’s future. Are we going to see the will of the people? Are we going to see Ron Stewart suggesting a coexistent GMO-Organic mashup? Any way you mash it, this issue will not end with today’s commissioner vote. The citizens are awakening to how the public lands they paid for are farmed with GMO crops. I’m sure many more are still unaware that Boulder County Open Space is buying $100,000.00s of dollars of GMO seeds, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and WATER EVERY YEAR as part of our current cropland policy. How’s that sit with you? Not only do they allow GMOs on public open space, YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT!

For me, I’m NOT going to show up early to hear what they have to say. I showed early the other week only to see some slick dance moves that put the average citizens well back on the speaking schedule in favor of the entire CSU Ag department, outside special interests and farmers. No, I’m not intent upon getting their first because I saw what can happen when open space sets the agenda: the citizens are told to take a seat in the back of the GMO bus.

This is about the citizens setting the course for how our public croplands should be used: regenerative, healthy food production to feed Boulder County’s residents. It should be a job creator and a food incubator that nourishes everyone: consumer, value-added processors, farmers and animals too. I envision a healthy future for Boulder County, one that is sustainable and prosperous because we look within to find our strength rather than relying on patented seeds, chemicals and fuel from far away. This discussion will continue…I’m off to find a seat!

Resistent Is Futile. You Will Coexist.

Endorse the Citizens Cropland Policy here

What happened last night at the commissioners cropland meeting was an example of GMO coexistence at its worst. GMO advocates were flown, trucked and herded into the meeting from across the country to sing the praises of “The Technology.” Not only were they feeding the world, and using less pesticides, they were doing it in a way that we can all coexist. A miracle unfolded before my eyes that no individual’s private and personal property shall ever be trespassed upon again. And if it does happen, the good neighbor policy smooths it out. All IS fair in love, war and GMO. With GMO, ultimate coexistence is unavoidable as GM pollen spreads across the lands.

I dislike and distrust GMOs in every way. The entire Monsanto construct is deceitful, manipulative and focused 100% on the farmer while US consumers are totally and purposely left in the dark. After witnessing the events unfold last night, I find myself in a very uncomfortable position. The farmers don’t believe they have any option but GMO, but I think they do. This may be why I dislike Monsanto so strongly is that they have enslaved a nation of farmers, if not in actuality, through their business practices they control them.

In the end industrial Ag had its GMO harvest festival. The public process, and any GMO dissenters, were literally plowed under by Monsanto, Syngenta and Bayer. All three had employees in attendance along with numerous other industry groups, Ag supply chain folk, farmers from throughout the region and, it seemed, the entire CSU ag-biotech PhD faculty. County resident’s were denied and our best interests were not served in favor of Big Ag special interests.

Whatever the commissioners decide to do, Boulder County citizens still have a voice. Given the fact that 2010 Open Space funding won by less than 1,000 votes on over 120,000 votes cast, when the public becomes fully aware of how this process played out tonight and how the lands are farmed, it will be very interesting to take part in THAT conversation. Unlike last night, a citizen majority cannot have their voices summarily plowed under at the ballot box.