The Benefits of GM Crops: the studies PILE up…

Just posted this on the Monsantoblog…in response to their unctuous claim: “The Benefits of GM crops: the studies pile up” (No doubt it will be moderated out of existence on their site….but can be found here for your reading pleasure:

Ah, yes! The chorus of the special interest biotech investor shills, and those whose livelihood is garnered playing a compliant role in the GMO supply, chirp their genetically modified chirps, in unison, as only that can be mustered when so much money and egoism is on the line.

Indeed, the studies pile up, like so much manure, courtesy of institutional corruption and scientific myopia that claims 100% GMO virtue while ignoring the fact that not a SINGLE clinical human health study has ever been published proving GMO food is fit for its intended use.

Sure, benefits galore for the 1% of farmers and 99% of Monsanto shareholders while the 99% of the world’s eaters are being proffered mutant soy, sugar, corn, canola and cotton, festering with pesticides in every cell. Pile, pile and pile more into the consumer food chain, GMOs aplenty helping to pile-up more medical bills while people unknowingly consume this vile fair, to their detriment and health despair.

Three cheers for biotech propaganda! May your PR magic wear off like the effects of your pesticides at dispatching all the pests.