New Scientific Research: Bioelectric Magnetism Organic (BMO) Crop Production

The day has arrived where industrial agriculture and GMO (genetically manipulated organisms) have been rendered obsolete. Yes, there is no need for patented seeds, pesticides and onerous costs for inputs and damage to the planet. The fact is that they were never needed. In their place, we introduce a nurturing and healthful way to produce food that heals us, the food and the planet all at the same time. Please welcome the concept of “bioelectric magnetism” into ¬†your reality. Our good friends Dr. Vijay & Indira Gupta were kind enough to share their efforts with us so that we may share them with our friends.

Here is the paper: Bioelectric Magnetism Abstract: healthy minds, food, people and planet.

We want to do a pilot here in Boulder. What better place, yes? Here, we like think of ourselves as organic-minded yet in our very midst we have a chemically-infused and genetically engineered gooey center. That gooey center is County Open Space croplands planted with GMOs. We want everyone to embrace this new science so everyone can reap the rewards: increased yield, nutritionally-dense food, no chemical or patented inputs, healthy soil, water and people all in a single integrated scientifically-proven process.


Scott Smith