Democracy conquers GMOs and other stuff that sucks…

After experiencing our Boulder County Commissioners ruling in favor of doubling GMOs (genetically manipulated organisms) on county open space cropland, calling it a middle-of-the-road decision, I’m still trying to figure out what road the public has been left in the middle of. Because now that we’ve got exactly 100% more GMOs coming at us courtesy of our own publicly-owned lands, I’d like to get the hell out out of the middle of THAT road and find a more direct route to reclaiming our natural rights to health, safety and welfare in OUR COMMUNITY.

To say I’m displeased with the GMO decision is true. Am I surprised they did what they did? No. The feckless apparatchik will always do what it does: they are tiny cogs inside the cast iron machine, efficiently, prescriptively without thinking, churning to keep the system running. Citizens “asking” that their lands be stewarded differently isn’t part of the machine function. The machine’s inertial forces changing direction would cause internal stresses and the machine would fly apart. Citizens are the machine’s fuel. We are only to be seen and not heard. In fact, when we speak up we are like those annoying pinging noises that the machine operators don’t like to hear. It reminds them of their dependency on externalities, those elements over which, in reality, they have no real power or control.

We live under the illusion of democracy. We’re told all the time we have freedom for this and that. We live in America, dammit. We’re #1 blah blah. In reality, we live in a corporatocracy. If you’ve heard about “corporate personhood” and that money is the corporations way of exercising free speech, this is only part of the madness. At its core, the law of the land today means that citizens rights are subjugated to those of the corporations. It’s why we have unlabeled GMOs because corporations don’t have to prove what they’re selling is safe. We, as consumers, must prove that the products are unsafe. Regulatory agencies exist to regulate the amount of harm that can be done and they do this by setting standards, which are literally measured in terms of “ACCEPTABLE RISKs.” It’s not you or me saying what we regard as risky or not, but agencies like the EPA, USDA, FDA et al who mandate what level of toxins we’re able to endure. These “ACCEPTABLE RISKS” are measured in parts per million or billion. The craziness of this system means that by a mere 1 part per million in the wrong direction and SUDDENLY we go from ACCEPTABLE RISK TO “UNACCEPTABLE RISK” and now, as if by magic, a once benign situation is now a hazard to our health. Go figure. This is how the corporate machine operates. As a sovereign citizen, or unit of fuel in machine-speak, I refuse to participate in their corrupt system that denies the public their right to clean air, water and soil in their own community. The more people embrace their RIGHTS the sooner that the machine’s gears stop meshing and we can stop IT and its destructive path. My gluten-free rumination for today. Bon Appetite. With love and freedom for all, Scott Smith.